2017 NFL draft order, Round 1: Will Browns pick Myles Garrett or Mitchell Trubisky at No. 1?

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The 2017 NFL draft is finally upon us. Thursday night kicks off the first round of the draft, which will extend through Saturday in Philadelphia City Hall. For the past four months or so, prospects have spent countless hours training and meeting with teams.

It’s weird, but we’ve mostly grown accustomed to this by now.

Having said that, there have been a few times when a team legitimately missed the clock and had to wait to submit its pick. The most famous example happened in the 2003 draft. The Minnesota Vikings held the No. 7 overall pick and reportedly tried to trade down, but the clock ran out before they could finalize their decision. The Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers jumped up a spot apiece and went ahead with their picks, while the Vikings were bumped back to No. 9 before selecting defensive tackle Kevin Williams.

Another draft clock gaffe happened in 2011, when the Baltimore Ravens failed to complete a trade in time to beat the clock. The Kansas City Chiefs moved up one spot to No. 26 to make their pick, and the Ravens had to drop down to No. 27.

So despite the drawn-out nature and apparent fudging, the draft clock is legitimate, and teams do have a hard deadline by which to make a decision before that time runs out. Remember that when you’re watching the draft this year and wondering why it goes way longer than 10 minutes to announce MLB Cheap Jerseys a first-round pick.

Even when the league and networks try to drag this thing out Cheap Jordan Jerseys as long as possible, we can be ensured that, indeed, the pick is in.

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